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If you have followed technology blogs and forums for more than a couple of days you certainly seen the flame wars that erupt over operating systems (Linux/windows/OS X) or gaming platforms (Xbox/Playstation/Wii) some people do make good points but any of the good gets lost in rabid flaming of anyone with differing opinions.

Your editor here at Almost Geek is of the school of thought that computers are just tools to get work done and perhaps some entertainment out of them. It does not matter if you use Windows, Linux, or OS X to get your job done so long as you get your job done with as little heartache as possible with the tools at hand. I have very little patience for “X is better than Y because I say so.” or the ever present folks who cannot see the any negative attributes of their platform while they point out the other platforms negative points.  Please don’t start any of that flame war carp here. 🙂