Start New Habits With Google Calendar.

Google Calendar has cool built in reminder features to remind you of an event . You can setup an email, SMS, or Pop-up reminder. I find SMS (text message) reminders to be most helpful. As someone who grabs my phone and reads my texts from overnight before my feet hit the floor in the morning, texts from Google Calendar are a great way to remember something you need to do first thing in the morning.

My new habit was taking a daily multivitamin. The bottle had been sitting on my dresser for over a year and had expired. I threw the old bottle out and made a New Year’s resolution to take one daily. I had bought the vitamins with the best of intentions but since I don’t take medication aside from the occasional antibiotic I never remembered it.

Enter Google Calendar. I set up taking the pill  as a daily recurring appointment at 7am with a text reminder an hour before. When I wake up the text is there to remind me. It took me about 3 weeks to get into the habit and not need the text in the morning.

I also use this feature for reminders when I’m out and about. Say I’m going to the laundromat and need to stop for groceries on the way home. I’ll set it as an event with a text reminder 2 hours from now. No more shopping lists for me on short trips. 🙂