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How to Read Web Pages on your Kindle Fire While Offline

If you’re anything like you me you have tons of bookmarks that you save to “read later”.  I don’t know about you but my read it later folder had over 500 items in it as of two hours ago. I whacked it down to about 50 using the Send To Kindle Email Feature.

The process is pretty simple. I simply used Google Chrome’s built-in Print to PDF feature to “print” the web page to a PDF file then emailed that file to my Kindle’s private address which syncs the PDF to my Kindle.

This won’t help you actually surf the web while offline. You cannot comment on blog posts for instance nor like the page on Facebook but you read what you wanted to read. This will be very convenient for me.

Most of the stuff I save to read later is either long form or overly technical perfect for reading when stuck in a waiting room somewhere. Heck, it might even allow me to spend less on books from Amazon!

If your interested in making PDFs yourself read my other article: How to make a PDF.

2 replies on “How to Read Web Pages on your Kindle Fire While Offline”

Thanks for the tips. I will use it when i am on my computer.
But i am wondering if there is a way to do this using the Kindle Fire itself.

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