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Why Cannot I Get an Android Phone from Straight Talk

Android models from Straight are only on the Sprint network as of Jan 2012 which means service is limited to areas that Sprint serves.

As an alternative consider one of the Nokia smart phonemodels. While not having all the Android flash and eye candy they’re quite capable smart phones.

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I bought the new android phone and son kept incorrectly putting in my password and now my is staying black and i cant turn it on or off what do i do? How can i fix this?

I did the bring your own phone plan. I have a Samsung galaxy s4. I thought it also included the internet? I cant get on it. I keep trying to get on facebook, internet,anything to do with internet and it wont let me. Unless im around wifi. It will let me use that. Ive looked up several websites on other peoples phone to look up the number and cant seem to find an 800 number. So can someone please help!! Much appreciated! 😉

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