Dropbox Finally Implements Selective Sync

Dropbox, my favorite file syncing service has finally implemented selective file sync in a the latest release candidate build. This is awesome for those of us who’ve bought a premium account with lots of space! Previously any folders in your Dropbox were synced to all your computers. This meant for instance my 8GB of music would be synced to any virtual machine I linked to my Dropbox which is a waste of space and bandwidth. Now I can chose just one or two folders to sync which is what I’ve already done on my Ubuntu VM. This will be a very useful feature for Netbooks with small hard drives and all sorts of portable devices.

So far it’s worked without issue on my Mac and Linux machines. Have you tried selective sync yet?

Dan The Man:

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  • I have used it. What I found it most useful for was keeping stuff off of my work computer. I have a folder within Dropbox that I've been storing files on for a website I've been working on, and have no need for that at the office. With selective sync, it was easy to keep that on my other computers only.